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This blog will be mainly posting images of Graham and Shaft, characters from Ryohgo Narita's 'Baccano!' Series. Often posting male/male pairings, and rarely some Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content.

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Surprise me
the-baccano-fandom sent: Pssst, That last post is all pixel and not at all legible.

The post is unfortunately pixelated because of tumblr’s image requirements obscuring it in the upload.  If I were to crop the image into several segments it would look okay I’d rather not edit the artist’s original artwork. The image is viewable in it’s entirety, completely non-pixelated if you open it in a new tab, or follow the link to the artist’s Pixiv page.

I’m afraid that’s all I can do to help at the moment. Thank you for your inbox all the same though, I’m sure you weren’t the only one wondering that.